Dawson to Vancouver

Where do I start? So much time has passed since my last post! I never did leave for Whitehorse the day after arriving in Dawson City. From memory, I actually packed my bike up, crossed the river and didn’t make it out of town. That would be the first of several times I went as far

Paxson to Canada along the Top of the World Highway

It must have been about 7 pm by the time I left Paxson. The road was good and pretty flat. The earlier thunderstorm had rattled me a bit so I was thankful for the better conditions. I would be reminded over the coming days that there are some things outside of my control. The things

Denali Highway

My ride down from Denali park to Cantwell was pretty straight forward. It was the first time back tracking, so to speak. This time however, the sun was out and was a completely different stretch of road to the windy, wet ride I’d done a couple of days before. I remembered that the annual Blue

Denali National Park

That shower in Cantwell was delicious. I packed up my tent and headed to the cafe. It was there that I consumed the biggest fucking pancake I have ever seen in my life. The thing was 2 inches thick in the middle and was over the edge of the plate. That, along with the full

Troublesome Creek to Cantwell

I battled head winds out of Trapper Creek and made it to Denali Viewing point (south). Epic views of Denali and I stayed until about 7 or 8 pm with the hopes of getting a shot of the mountain without all the clouds. I later learned that this is where I left my mini tripod,

On the road

Wednesday night was a late one as I am still on a different time zone and there were beers and chat to be had at Brendon’s place. With that, I awoke pretty late on Thursday and it was 1pm before I managed to pack up my panniers and get on the bike. I stopped at

And I’m (almost) off!

Well here it is, finally! The last month has been a whirlwind trying to get everything sorted for this trip. In true me style I left everything until the last minute! I quit my job, gave away all of my belongings and packed my entire life into 4 panniers (bike / saddle bags) and a